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EHV Benefits provides to associations, non-profits and other groups the ability to offer to their members a suite of home-life benefits that “Makes Moving Easy” when they need to buy, sell, rent real estate for any reason, move household goods, or refinance a mortgage. Our account holders receive online, exclusive access, personalized services, live support, trusted suppliers, unmatched time and cost savings.

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Our Mission

Fulfill a growing economic demand to save time, money and stress when moving from one home to another for any reason – rent, sell, or buy.

Our Mission




Executive Director Benefits

At no cost, you can offer our diverse, home-life benefits to your individual members and to your corporate members, who can, in turn. provide to their workforce.

You give and get goodwill, loyalty and rewarding “give-back” that reduces their time, cost, and stress. Call us now to secure a demo and learn how you can give to your members care,convenience, choice of vetted supplies along with significant rebates and discounts.



Member Benefits

Home is where the heart is, where most take-home dollars are spent, and where family memories are made. Members save time and money in a major life event. Real estate rebates and other discounts not available elsewhere that save thousands of dollars. It is easy! 24/7 Access. Vetted Suppliers. Choice. Move Management Tools. Time and Cost Savings. Increased purchasing power.



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New Age Benefits

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No cost! Turnkey! Co-branding! Communication and content collaboration!

A member benefit unlike any other!

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